Colombian Startup for SMEs

The Sempli enterprise grants loans to small and medium-sized companies

Companies that go to large banks to apply for a loan suffer the process of paperwork that often ends in a negative answer by the entity. Immersed in the advances of the world economy, countries like Colombia are taking a step forward in terms of support for small and medium enterprises. For this, entrepreneurs from Antioquia created the local startup called Sempli.

Esteban Velasco and Felipe Llano are the creators of this FinTech that aims to give support to entrepreneurs who have been rejected by the conventional banking system and the emerging ones. There are specific requirements to request and obtain credits online, but always more flexible than those required by traditional banks.

Since 2017 they began to grant the first credits and the success was not long in coming. They have the Sempli Score risk management system. They have received investment from Colombian and European entities and have also aroused the interest of the Interamerican Development Bank.


Source: Dinero

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