Colombian inventor offers ecological solution to polluting plastic

Alejandro Moreno registered the brand Fiquetex, which uses the native plant called fique to manufacture hundred percent biodegradable fabrics

The pollution caused by the plastic bags that they have insisted so much on eliminating around the world is the main engine that led the Colombian inventor Alejandro Moreno to register his trademark -pending patent- called Fiquetex.

Through this initiative, which was born after thirty years of research, biodegradable fabrics are manufactured for various uses from an indigenous Colombian plant called fique. It is the agave or maguey originally from Mexico, but also present in Colombia and Venezuela.

With his initiative, Moreno won the third place of the National Award of the Colombian Inventor in 2016. Currently, he is in talks with the Puma and Adidas brands in relation to the use of fabrics that at the moment serve to design bags that come to replace those erroneously called ecological in polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester.

Through the proposal of Fiquetex seeks to reduce the use of plastic and its variables, replacing it with fique, which will generate a considerable number of new jobs, in addition to contributing to the reforestation of the mountains of Valle del Aburrá.

It is important to point out that the processing of the fique consumes a tenth of the energy required for other textile processes. Thanks to Moreno’s proposal, he is now an ambassador for RAENG, the body that has financed the projects. Currently the inventor participates in two initiatives with the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh in Colombia, as well as some countries in Africa.


Source: Rutanmedellin

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