Colombia joins the Industrial Revolution

Medellín will be the headquarters of the Global Network of Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution which seeks to promote competitiveness and the development of new technological solutions for the industry

In the framework of the World Economic Forum 2019 the president of Colombia Iván Duque presented in Medellín the first Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Latin America.

Undoubtedly, the event will generate solutions to improve competitiveness and reduce inequality in the country and the region, from the public and private sectors.

Various institutions such as the government of Colombia, the World Economic Forum, the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and the Business Route N and Innovation Center worked together to achieve the consolidation of the center.

It is worth emphasizing that Colombia seeks to support, advise and formulate policies to adopt and promote the use of 4.0 technologies. Its challenge is to create a regulatory path to boost the positive impacts of the accelerated development of local, regional and global technology.

The project is promoted by the World Economic Forum and had a first phase in which centers were established in the United States, China, Japan and India. In the second phase, Colombia, Israel, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Norway are added.

The first projects that the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Colombia will launch will focus on areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain.


Source: Reportero Industrial

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