Colombia considers tourism as an economic alternative to oil

The South American country analyzes the income obtained in 2018 for hotel reservations, leisure time and income generation, establishing a comparison with oil as an economic activity

The economic authorities of Colombia study tourism as an alternative to the income they receive from the oil industry. The projections are based on the income obtained in 2018 for hotel occupancy that reached 56.8%.

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo Abondano, highlighted the significant income obtained thanks to the increase in visits to the country to enjoy leisure moments, which affects hotel reservations, expenses for purchases on Colombian soil and everything related to the tourism industry.

Restrepo considered the sector as “the new oil” for Colombia, due to the inflow of resources. The country is committed to sustainable and diverse tourism through the strengthening of key areas such as “infrastructure, competitiveness, training and promotion of supply” in the country.

Undoubtedly, the tourism industry has become a promise of abundance for Colombia, where the campaigns to promote the country brand as an opening to the world have been strengthened.



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