Cointext will allow transactions with bitcoin cash in Ukraine and Italy

Customers can send and receive BCH balances from their cell phones through text messages without the need of an Internet connection or an application for smart devices

The service provider for the shipment of crypto balances Cointext announced the launch of its bitcoin cash wallet in Ukraine and Italy. This adds up to a total of 35 countries in which it operates officially. allows users to send balances in a conventional way, through text messages (SMS) to be received by phones without Internet connection.

Users in the 35 countries where Cointext operates may send balances through text messages, according to the company’s founder and CTO, Vin Armani, indicating that this has been very positive for residents of Ukraine, who have devices with basic functionality.

Customers in Ukraine, Italy, Argentina, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Puerto Rico, among others, can locate their access number through the portal to make use of the service.

To have a wallet, users can simply send a text message with the word “receive”, to the respective access number for each country to start receiving BCH balances. The service has a series of commands to verify the balances as well as to send funds to other addresses.


Source: DiarioBitcoin

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