Coinbase implements new cash withdrawal feature

The innovative system will allow users to make direct withdrawals to fiat money quickly and safely

The popular exchange Coinbase has launched an update to its platform to withdraw crypto to fiat, through a new system where users will be able to make transactions quickly and safely.

Despite the fact that some users manipulate cryptocurrencies as a payment method due to their anonymity, the vast majority pay and trade with digital assets and choose this method for its efficiency and speed.

The importance of fast and dynamic cryptocurrency trading is something necessary for the ecosystem, thus Coinbase has decided to implement an update in its system with the aim of formalizing instant crypto-fiat withdrawals.

Withdrawals to Visa and MasterCard

The new function offers withdrawals directly to Visa and MasterCard to users in the United States with a small commission of 2%, in the case of withdrawals in Europe or the United Kingdom. If the withdrawals are made from the United States The commission will be reduced to 0.5%.

Although there are banks in the United States where the commission is generally higher than the 2% already established by Coinbase, the exchange keeps working to improve and maintain interest rates.

K. Villarroel

Source: bitcoin

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