Coinbase has a new cash loan system

The tool is available to users in the United States and they will be able to obtain loans of up to 30%

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has decided to create a new system that will allow customers from certain US states to borrow 30% based on their holdings within the bitcoin cash exchange.

The announcement was made this August 13 through Twitter and Medium where the company ensures that the main objective of the new cash loan project is to provide the best services and experiences to its clients.

Through the initiative, Coinbase, tries to establish greater customer control of their funds and achieve more versatility and the possibility of acquiring cash quickly has managed to raise the level of services offered by the exchange.

In response to the demand generated by Coinbase users, the platform provides the best options for the benefits of meeting the needs of its customers, who are ordinary users. These people may need part of the funds they have invested to pay a bill, renew a car or buy a new home.

In this sense, Coinbase has rethought its market strategy in a loan system in which users will be able to obtain up to 30% of their holdings in a matter of 2 or 3 days.

K. Villarroel

Source: bitcoin

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