Coinbase expands its custody service in Europe

The opening of this new unit in Ireland will allow them to offer the services in a completely localized way

The cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, announced through a press release the expansion of its services in the city of Dublin, Ireland, in order to continue offering a custody service to its customers.

The new headquarters named Coinbase Custody International, joins the list of those already operating in Europe since 2018, specifically in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands, among others.

The popular American platform launched this project to the market in 2017 with the aim of offering a custody service to institutional investors, hedge funds and family offices.

Likewise, the company ensures that “by offering our services from the same region in which our clients are located, our goal is to benefit from greater legal and regulatory clarity.”

However, the exchange has expressed the need to continue expanding its products in Europe as well as adding new assets and functionalities to its custody service in the future.


Source: ihodl

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