Chrome OS will prioritize Android software installation instead of web applications

The operating system will begin to apply this new criterion after the company published two new code changes for developers

The operating system Chrome OS will begin to prioritize the installation of Android applications, which will recommend in the cases in which the web applications have an equivalent for the mobile system.

Through its open source platform Chromium Google has published two new code changes for developers or ‘gerrits’ for the Chrome OS system which show that during the installation of web applications with an Android version redirects users to the Play Store.

This decision allows to “create web applications with a compatible application compatible with the store” and – according to Google – aims to achieve a “unified installation” of apps.

The desktop OS Chrome OS allows to use progressive web applications (PWA), but it is also compatible with those of other systems including Android and Linux.

In cases where users begin the installation of a web application, Chrome OS will now detect if they have an Android version and direct users to the Play Store application store.

This behavior of Chrome OS may be overridden by the software developers, who have received tools so that the installation process is not redirected to the Play Store automatically.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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