Chinese tour guide arrested for alleged espionage in US

The American Justice accused Xuehua Peng of being a foreign illegal agent who was responsible for delivering confidential information about senior officials

The United States Justice filed charges against Xuehua Peng, a tour guide from the State of California accused of being a foreign illegal agent spying on China.

The Department of Justice said in a statement that Peng, also known as Edward Peng, a naturalized American, delivered classified information on National Security to several senior officials working for the Chinese Ministry of State Security, an Intelligence Agency.

Peng, who works as a tour operator for Chinese tourists in the San Francisco city area, was arrested last Friday.

“As the accusations point out, Peng conducted numerous activities in the United States for Chinese Intelligence and sent classified information to the country”, said Deputy Attorney General of National Security, John Demers.

“His detention exposes and stops an operation carried out by the Chinese Intelligence to obtain information without having American ground floor,” he emphasized.

He is accused of using secret locations to deliver information and payments, as well as personally carrying secure digital cards to Beijing, the capital of China.

K. Tovar

Source: infobae

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