China wants “peaceful solution” for the trade war

The Asian government expressed its desire to reach an agreement on the best terms to settle the differences with the United States

The Chinese government expressed its opposition to an escalation of trade disputes between China and the United States and has been in favor of a “peaceful” resolution of the war through dialogue and negotiation, according to the vice premier of the Asian giant , Liu He, during his speech at the Smart China Expo, held in Chongquing.

“We want to resolve the trade dispute with the US through quiet negotiations. We oppose an escalation of the trade war, which would not be beneficial for either the US or China. Nor is it beneficial for the world”, said the Beijing representative in a speech.

Liu He, who also assumes responsibility for leading the Chinese delegation in negotiations with the US, has expressed strong opposition to technological blockades and protectionism. “We will work hard to keep our industrial chains intact.”

During the G7 summit held in the French town of Biarritz, US President Donald Trump said that representatives of the government of China have stated their desire to resume negotiations to find an agreement to resolve trade disputes between both countries

“China called our top business leaders last night and asked to return to the negotiating table, so we will sit down again”, said the White House tenant.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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