China, Russia and the United States are invited to be part of the democratic change in Venezuela

Yon Goicoechea, leader of Voluntad Popular and specialist in energy law, presented the recovery program of the Venezuelan oil industry

At the introduction of new Governmental Plan of the president in charge Juan Guaidó at the Central University of Venezuela,  the opposition leader Yon Goicoechea said: “We are closer to democracy than we have ever been. We are receiving messages from joint ventures that want to work with us. They know they have nothing to lose with the next government and from now on we tell all of Venezuela’s business partners like China, Russia, the United States and the rest, that they are welcome to democracy. “

During his participation, he sent a warm and fraternal message to the PDVSA workers who were fired by former President Hugo Chávez and stressed that they need them and that they are cordially invited to the reconstruction of PDVSA, one of the country’s greatest industry.

In the same way, he maintained that “all Chavistas with academic training and professional experience who want to contribute to the reconstruction of PDVSA will be able to do so”.

As for the actions that the interim government will take once it has control of the company, he stressed that the operation and security of the oil industry must be guaranteed. He also said that priority should be given to the key facilities to prevent acts of violence that may generate disorder in the oil industry.


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