China could become the leader of 5G revolution

The Asian giant is about to obtain almost 50% of the essential patents of the networks that include the new generation

The consultant Eurasia released a report according to which companies in China could own 40% of the essential patents of the networks of the new 5G generation.

In addition, the forecast indicates that between 2020 and 2025 the Asian giant will also have the most reinforced infrastructure of this type, positioning itself as one of the countries with the best conditions in the market. According to eMarketer, China will concentrate more than 60% of global e-commerce within its borders in 2022.

The qualitative leap of 5G

Given this scenario, Ander Serrano, director of the Businesscomm division in Evercom Communication and Digital Strategy, acknowledges that “most experts place Huawei between one and two years ahead of other brands that are working on 5G technology.”

He also adds that for China it would be crucial to become the master of this technology when setting standards in the market “that conditions the development of future compatible technologies, as Microsoft showed us in the development of operating systems in the eighties.”

However, Serrano says that while it is true that 5G technology will spread quickly “the key to it is really extended will be the introduction of new devices in our day to day.” The key is not really in the pace of deployment of infrastructures, but in the disruptive business models that are designed on them.


Source: Forbes

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