China and France to build ecological tower with blockchain

It is the first architectural work driven and supervised by this technology

An ecofriendly architectural project currently unites professionals from China and France. This is the French Dream Towers, which will be monitored by blockchain technology. The construction of the work involves the French companies XTU Architects and Systematic.

In this ambitious construction, the first in its style, vegetation will be included in various spaces. In fact, the work will be a compilation of Chinese history, couture fashion and nature through microalgae.

They envidage four towers covered with glass and between the panels a greenhouse will be established for bioreactive crops. It is a trend that has been applied in other types of ecological buildings.

The French Dream Towers will be the first construction with massive application of the Internet of things with an eye on the so-called smart cities. About the structure, it was known that it will offer restaurants, an art gallery and a technology hub.

The skyscraper will be a mixture of elements of architecture and culture of China and France. The companies involved consider that it is a novel way to eliminate the barriers between both nations.


Source: ETHNews

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