Chilean exchange Crypto Intercambio offers total control of cryptocurrencies

The platform allows users to trade with more than 100 cryptocurrencies without paying commissions and also guarantees complete anonymity

An increasing number of people is interested in cryptographic currencies trading in light of the benefits that these digital assets offer as opposed to the global and traditional financial ecosystem.

In response to the above needs, Crypto Intercambio was born. The Chilean service offers users the possibility of exchanging between different digital currencies without having to open a session or enter any personal data, thus guaranteeing full anonymity when carrying out operations.

The possibility of carrying out cross-border transactions at low cost, immediately and the possibility of tracking these assets through blockchain technology converts assets into what many experts ratify as the exponents of the new era of money.

Crypto Intercambio is an exchange that allows those interested to exchange cryptoactives easily and simply; guaranteeing the user total anonymity as well as full control over their digital currencies.

The service is available to users in all parts of the world, especially for residents in Latin American territory offering an intuitive interface that facilitates operations to people with less experience in the ecosystem.

Interested persons will have a catalog that has more than 100 digital currencies available to make the exchanges. The application does not store any type of currency so the funds of the users leave and enter directly to their wallets.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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