Chile prepares law to help large companies

The Minister of Finance assured that the Executive is preparing a legal framework that will allow easy access to financing

Chile’s Finance Minister Ignacio Briones announced that the Executive is preparing bills that seek to facilitate access to financing for large companies and provide liquidity solutions.

“We are preparing a series of measures, in fact some of them we will introduce to Congress next week, in order to generate more flexible, more agile mechanisms that facilitate access to financing for those companies that are viable, that are solvent, but they have a liquidity problem and we don’t want them to be on the road”, said Briones.

The head of the Treasury affirmed that next week these projects will be announced, ensuring that the objective of these proposals is that “every solvent and viable company continues to function”.

On the other hand, Briones explained that regarding the direct intervention of the State in companies in essential sectors, it is first necessary to “exhaust all the measures of partial state guarantees” and use this tool as a last resort.

“One has to first address all the partial state guarantee measures so that credit flows to those solvent companies, private solution mechanisms, convertible bonds, but what the authority has to do is facilitate that process through faster measures, more agile, that do not take so long, “he said.

K. Tovar


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