Chile offers the cheapest mobile Internet service in Latin America

The consulting company Cable analyzed the data of the price for mobile connection service where Chile was the most economical for the users

The speed, ease and convenience offered by the mobile Internet connection helps every day to add more people to this modality. The cost of the service per GB around the world was analyzed in a study carried out by We Are Social and Hootsuite.

From a sample of 6,300 service packages in 230 countries (with exceptions such as Venezuela and North Korea), they created a ranking table of users amounting to 3,986 million and representing 52% of the world’s population.

According to the UK consultancy Cable, “Chile, together with the Dominican Republic, are the only countries in the entire American continent in the top 50 ranking, with locations in place # 34 with a value of US $ 1.87 and # 35 with an average value of US $ 1.88, respectively.”

The company has also highlighted the positions of other South American countries according to the cost of the service: Peru (# 51, US $ 2.48), Uruguay (# 56, US $ 2.80), Argentina (# 64, US $ 3.05) and Brazil (# 74, US $ 3.50).

On the Asian continent, India offers the cheapest service with a value of US $ 0.26 per gigabit, followed by Kyrgyzstan, at a cost of US $ 0.27 per through opening to foreign investment. Then there is Kazakhstan, with a value of US $ 0.49 per GB thanks to the strong competition of services in the country.

Countries with the most expensive service are distributed on all continents. In Central America, for example, are Mexico and Guatemala, with a value of US $ 7.38 and US $ 4.53 respectively. To the north, the United States and Canada rank among the most expensive, with prices per GB of US $ 12.37 and US $ 12.02. On the other hand, in Spain the cost of the mobile Internet connection is US $ 3.79.


Fuente: AETecno

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