Chile offers discounts for payment with cryptocurrencies

Some physical and other digital stores offer discounts to customers who cancel with cryptocurrencies, using the CryptoCompra platform that operates in Chile since 2018

Chilean citizens count since 2018 with the CryptoCompra payment platform, developed by CryptoMarket. The most recent announcement that will benefit customers is related to discounts in both physical and digital stores, in which they cancel their consumption or purchases with digital currency.

Chile is offering discounts on grocery stores, centers that offer courses and workshops, pharmacies or sales of electronic items, and even tourist packages. The blockchain technology, without a doubt, acquires greater importance before an announcement of this magnitude, because it offers speed and security.

Digital payment with cryptocurrencies is considered an efficient and inclusive method, reaching the most needy or marginalized of the banking system, at lower prices.

It is estimated that in Chile more than 5 thousand commercial establishments have folded into the payment system with cryptocurrencies through CryptoCompra. Those who will offer discounts are Actelematix (between 60 and 70%) in tracking articles both personal and for automobiles; EtherLab (5%), specialized in blockchain technology development courses based on ethereum.

Other trades included in the list are California Cantina, which sales alcoholic beverages, with 2×1 promotions during the month of February; Emporio Canela (10%), with offers in stationery and handicraft items; Farmacias LF (10%) offers discounts until February 28 on its list of products, among others.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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