CFE loses 54 thousand million pesos due to electrical shutdown in 2019

The director of CFE Distribution said that the losses recorded are equivalent to 10.97% of the energy distributed

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) of Mexico recorded losses for 34,467 gigawatt-hours in 2019, which is equivalent to 54,845 million pesos, resulting in 10.97% of the energy distributed, for a decrease of 0.24 %.

According to the information provided by the company, last year 50% of the losses were non-technical, reaching a failure of 13,713 gigawatt-hours, while 3,495 gigawatt-hours were due to measurement or process failures, equivalent to 6,613 million pesos.

During a press conference, the director of CFE Distribution, Guillermo Nevárez, said that in order to combat energy losses in 2020, 3.6 million anomalies in measuring equipment must be addressed and 1.3 million meters modernized.

In addition to strengthening the commercial process in almost 94,580 trade routes, settlements will be regularized to 210,000 users, the electrical infrastructure will also be strengthened.

According to the summary of annual activities for 2019, Nevárez reported that 3.37 million anomalies were serviced, modernized 1.3 million meters, worked on 89,714 trade routes, regularized more than 202,000 users and 260 electrical infrastructure works were carried out.


Source: dineroenimagen

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