Central Bank of Chile considers regulation of cryptocurrencies

Mario Marcel, president of the entity, said that in this way there would be a registry of participants in those activities and information to monitor the associated risks

The president of the Central Bank of Chile, Mario Marcel, said during a forum of the Commission of Deputies of Finance of the country that “is considering regulating cryptocurrencies in the country to monitor the risks.”

According to local media, Marcel said that “the incorporation of the regulation will allow having a registry of participants in these activities and thus have information to monitor the associated risks“.

“These activities could be developed under stronger rules and mechanisms, especially in terms of market transparency, consumer protection and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing“.

Between last March and April, Buda and Crypto MKT asked the Association of Banks of Chile (ABIF) to provide a clear position on cryptography after several Chilean banks closed some of their accounts. Chile’s antitrust tribunal ruled that Buddha’s accounts should be reopened at the State Bank of Chile and Itau Corpbanca.

N. Moncada

Source: CoinTelegraph

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