Cell phone manufacturers could integrate the camera on the screen

A leak from Huawei would point out that the new mobile devices would have the optics in a different place than usual

A rumor ensures that in the future, the companies responsible for the manufacture of smartphones can integrate the cameras on the screens.

After having taken the screens to the edge of the equipment, and even removing the “home” buttons, everything indicates that the next step is to modify the location of the cameras.

The leak of this idea was made by Huawei through a publication sent to his profile in the social network of China, Weibo. After having captured the attention of the media, the publication was eliminated.

The telephone company is committed to becoming the pioneer in the launch of a mobile device with optics integrated into the screen.

Apparently they will not be the only ones, given that Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy F that would come with a folding screen and a terminal with a perforated screen for optics.

K. Tovar

Source: Globovision

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