CCTV: Blockchain value is 10 times greater than the Internet

A segment of China's main station showed a discussion dedicated to educating its audience about the potential and risks of this type of technology

During a segment called “Dialogue“, broadcast by the financial channel of China Central Television (CCTV), the country’s main state broadcaster, Chen Weihong presented a one-hour discussion dedicated for the first time to educate his wide audience on the concept, potential and risks of blockchain technology.

In the conversation, which featured prominent figures from the block chain industry, both in the public and private sectors, including Don Tapscott, the well-known author of “Blockchain Revolution,” Weihong assured that the economic value of Blockchain is “10 times greater than the Internet“.

Other speakers included Chen Lei, CEO of cloud networking giant Xunlei, and Zhang Shoucheng, professor of physics at Stanford University and founder of Danhua Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in blockchain technology.

“While the real value of the Internet is the aggregation of individual pieces of information in one place, which is exactly what Google and Facebook do, we are now entering an era where information is decentralized so that individuals can have their data individual Real value of Blockchain that makes it exciting”, explained the Professor Zhang.

In this way, the program was partly critical with the nascent technology and the issue of the initial offers of coins (ICO), which didn’t escape the conversation.

N. Moncada

Source: Coindesk

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