Cartagena World Economic Forum exposes Latin women success

The beautiful Colombian city of Cartagena hosts the World Economic Forum for Women since today to August 3. The event is held in Latin America for the first time and will bring together 800 people

The World Economic Forum for Women is held annually in New Delhi and has 500 regional chapters and the participation of 150 allied countries. In this opportunity Colombia becomes the first Latin American country to host the event.

Nadia Fernanda Sánchez, president of “She Is Foundation”, asserts that this forum is the opportunity to discuss how to promote an inclusive and transformative ecosystem against the economic development of women and the impact it generates in all countries of the world.

Sánchez expresses: “The event seeks to raise the voice to make it understood that the gender approach must be applied to build a more inclusive, safe and sustainable society for all.”

It is worth mentioning that it is the tradition of the forum to discuss issues about disruptive economies, education, technology, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, social networks, family violence, gender equality, among others. These themes are addressed by spokespersons from more than 12 countries.

On this occasion, reference will be made to indigenous and rural women in the development of the territories, the private sector from the various industries and their impulse in the creation of equal opportunities in the economic and professional field; as well as the importance of the new female referents in politics and digital development.

L. Saenz

Source: Consejos Magazine

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