Carlos Rauseo: Smile design should be in hands of specialists

The dentist-orthodontist from LaplanaBologna warns that "health is nothing to play with"

Smile design has become a frequent topic in our society. However, unlike what many people think, it is a process that should only be in the hands of expert professionals who have special resources at their fingertips.

We talked with Dr. Carlos Rauseo, dentist-orthodontist, member of the professional team of  LaplanaBologna and asked him to bring more details about the topic.

“Unlike what many patients believe, the term smile design goes beyond a computerized study that predicts the end result of the treatment. It is much more than just dental veneers and teeth whitening.”

The procedure integrates the different dental specialties and they are applied together with the purpose of obtaining a facial and dental, aesthetic and functional harmony, respecting the biology and nature of the human body, he said.

“I mean procedures and techniques that improve the shape of the teeth, dental crowds, inclined teeth, unwanted pigmentation, rotated teeth, enlarged gums, defective restorations, deficiency or excess in the bone bases that support the teeth”, Rauseo lists.

But he adds that the design for each patient is different, unique and personalized (…). “It may require the intervention of one or more specialties as I mentioned above.” It demands a high professional responsibility.

“It is important to do pedagogy on the subject,” he explains. “It is necessary to advance from the analog to the digital sphere, and it is very important to identify the shape, size, appropriate color of the teeths, according to the patient’s age.”

To achieve this objective, diagnostic aids such as photographs in different external and internal angles, X-rays, tomographies, facial scan, intraoral scanner, and thus be able to make a projection according to the needs and expectations of each person and present 2D and 3D samples of the possible result.

“You have to make sure you are in the hands of highly trained professionals, with the necessary technology and knowledge, because you don’t play with health,” says Carlos Rauseo.

We invite you to learn more information and details in the video interview.

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