Canada to ratify free trade agreement with Mexico and the US

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystina Freeland said she hoped that the agreement with both countries would be confirmed soon

The Canadian government has the firm objective of “ratifying” the new free trade agreement with Mexico and the United States, Foreign Minister Chrystina Freeland said.

“We have always said very clearly that, as long as those tariffs were applied, it would be very difficult for us to move towards ratification”, the minister explained.

Despite this Freeland did not indicate when the proposal will be put to the test by the Parliament, which ends in June prior to the legislative elections in October.

Trade relations between the three countries have been marked by friction since President Donald Trump came to power in 2017 determined to fulfill his election promise of “the United States first.”

After 13 months of negotiations Washington, Ottawa and Mexico City were able to reach an agreement for the T-MEC on September 30th, 2018. The sealing of the document occurred on November 30th.

K. Tovar

Source: Bancaynegocios

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