California Senate to discuss blockchain bill

While in Europe regulations are on top, in America doors open to crypto market

Alliances, investments, capitalization of income are some of the manifestations of the new economy based on the use of cryptocurrencies. Despite the reluctance generated by its appearance, functioning and dynamics throughout the world, and beyond the restrictions related to the security of transactions, the United States shows a favorable reception.

In this sense, the state of California is moving towards the possibility of blockchain as formal documentation known as incorporation articles of a corporation throughout the state as proposed by Bill SB838 of Democratic Senator Bob Hertzberg, who represents San Fernando Valley.

Hertzberg made his proposal recently before the Committee of Banking and Financial Institutions of the Senate as the first step towards the incorporation of decentralized technology to the state.

This represents an incursion of cryptocurrency market into a totally different area, such as government and legislations. Other states that also advance in this direction are Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming.


Source: Infocoin

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