CAF organizes seminar on productivity and growth in Latin America

The Development Bank of Latin America will hold in Montevideo the seminar "Innovation as an engine of productivity and growth" on July 23

In a joint action of the Development Bank of Latin America –CAF-, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining; the National Research and Innovation Agency, Transforma Uruguay and the Embassy of Chile in this country, have organized the seminar “Innovation as an engine of productivity and growth “, which will take place in Montevideo on July 23.

The event will bring together representatives of national and local governments as well as international organizations, from the private sector to publicize projections about the importance of innovation in the processes of productive transformation.

It will be a meeting point in the Uruguayan capital ideal to share experiences “and strategies in the creation of public policies to support the productive sector in the region.”

CAF estimates that the development gap between Latin America and the industrialized countries remains largely due to the low levels of productivity shown by its companies. “In this sense, factors such as the low level of innovation, high rates of informality, access to financing and skilled labor, among others, contribute to the region can not increase their levels of productivity.”

The organism considers that the governments of Latin American nations have a fundamental role in the design and application of public policies focused on promoting and facilitating the productive transformation of these countries.

The agenda of the speakers includes, of course, the challenge of raising productivity from the hand of local governments, development banks, the academic sector, through programs that raise the confidence of investors. CAF has also highlighted the need for “improvement of infrastructure, the strengthening of skilled labor, the adoption of new technologies in production processes and improvement in business environments.”


Source: CAF

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