Brussels adopts regulation for 5G access

The regulations specify the physical and technical characteristics of the cells that will allow wireless connection

The European Commission has adopted this Tuesday a regulation for the deployment of wireless access points to 5G networks, a crucial element for the development of this high-speed technology in the community block, as reported by the institution in a statement.

The regulation specifies the physical and technical characteristics that the cells must have that will allow wireless connection to 5G networks and pursues the objective of simplifying and accelerating the installation of the antennas through a system in which the national authorities maintain their supervision role.

Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton stressed that the importance of the deployment of 5G networks in the EU is “even more evident” now in the midst of the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic since this technology will be fundamental in the economic recovery.

“5G wireless networks represent a pillar of socio-economic development for Europe in that they open the door to new services in health and care, energy, transport, education and many other areas,” the commissioner stressed.

“Together with the Member States, we must pave the way for a timely deployment of 5G without restrictive administrative barriers so that they create significant demand from our industry and amplify innovation and European competitiveness,” he added.

Source: dpa

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