British Parliament rejects Brexit once again

The British Parliament, in the midst of divisions within the parties, rejected once again the four alternatives for the Brexit as the proposed date of April 12 approaches

The European Union was willing to postpone the departure of the United Kingdom until May 22 in case there was a consensus regarding the soft Brexit.

However, Westminster continues to hinder Theresa May’s plan and is unable to find a way out of the political slip. This time the proposal of “a permanent and wide customs union” between London and Brussels was defeated.

Meanwhile, the proposal for a second referendum lost by 12 votes and the option known as Common Market 2.0 or Norwegian model was dismissed by 21 votes. The votes are considered merely indicative.

On the other hand, Theresa May wishes to present an agreement with Brussels to submit it to a fourth vote. Undoubtedly, time is short and the options are over in the endless case of Brexit.


Source: El Mundo

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