British artist sells collection through WeChat

Lincoln Townley became a trend in the networks after selling a complete collection based on cryptocurrencies through the Chinese messaging platform WeChat

This Wednesday, September 5th, the British artist Lincoln Townley sold through the Chinese mail platform WeChat a collection of his authorship based on cryptocurrencies.

On the works sold, the contemporary artist indicated in his Twitter account, @LincolnTownley, texts alluding to the volatility of the price of crypto actives, as well as the growing number of negotiations in bitcoin.

The rise of transactions with this digital currency around the world, as well as the associated economic activities such as mining, fueled Townley’s interest in capturing this trend on the canvas.

On the use of the WeChat platform, he has indicated that many customers contact him through social networks. The modality avoids the participation of intermediaries in artistic transactions.

He added that investors in cryptocurrencies also collect works of art. For them this is the best way to do business and place this digital currency in a tangible asset.


Source: ALTCoins

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