Brazilians allowed to buy fiat money with cryptocurrencies

Thanks to the new service offered by Europa Cambio, citizens will be able to exchange their bitcoin for euros, dollars and other foreign assets

From this Monday, May 6th, Brazilians are able to buy fiat coins with bitcoins.

This was announced by a Brazilian company, which enabled a payment platform for the purchase of dollars and other currencies through cryptographic assets.

Europa Cambio works through an online platform and 25 physical networks in the main cities of Brazil.

According to the report, initially these operations can only be carried out in the Rio de Janeiro office and online stores.

It is expected that by the end of June the company will enable this service for the rest of the branches.

Europa Cambio is part of the B&T Corretora Group, also owner of the BitBlue cryptocurrency exchange house, which will serve as a bridge in bitcoin transactions.

This company has been described as a “tropicalized” assimilation of the service offered by the US Bitpay payment processor.

K. Tovar

Source: Infocoin

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