Brazil will reopen main biodiesel production plant in October

The production matrix of the South American nation will work from next month as announced by the Government of the state of Piauí

The regional government indicated that the plant, located on ten hectares of the city of Floriano and with automated technology, received investments of sixty million reais, has a storage capacity of two million liters of biodiesel and one million raw material.

This biofuel, used as a source of combustion, by some motor vehicles also becomes a requirement for mixing 11% in commercialized fossil diesel and studies are being carried out to raise that percentage to 15%.

The governor of Piauí, Wellington Days, stressed that the reopening of the biodiesel plant allows establishing a source of employment and income, valuing peasant labor and the adaptation of new technologies to generate renewable energy less polluting the environment.

According to studies conducted by the Energy Research Company (EPE), the country is forecast to import 77,000 million liters of fossil diesel over the next nine years, at a cost of $ 36 billion at current prices, increasing the production of biodiesel and its mandatory mixture could reduce these expenses.

Brazil, in its commitment to biofuels, went on to implement “flex fuel” technology, which allows the combustion of vehicles with gasoline, ethanol or the free combination of both. Currently the fleet of factory cars that go on the market has this new technology and most of the imported cars also own it.


Source: bancaynegocios

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