Brazil consolidates as the largest FinTech ecosystem

The South American country exceeds 370 startups so far in 2018

The development of new technology initiatives known as startups in Brazil has made it the leader of the region. Currently, the country is at the top of the FinTech ecosystem with an average of 370 proposals so far in 2018.

The sectors that benefit the most from technological advances are education, finance, banking, medicine. Undoubtedly, the country makes extensive use of solid proposals in such important markets as loans, insurance and marketing.

Brazilian specialists seek to optimize the access of all people to financial services. That is why they remain at the forefront in the development of proposals that adapt to the current system.

The excessive bureaucracy that affects consumers has been one of the factors that have driven this sustained development of 50% in terms of new technologies, shared by Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

The penetration of smartphones and the increase in Internet access of the Brazilian population are two key elements in the positioning of digital banking in Brazil as well as its internationalization.


Source: Finnovista

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