Bolivia will launch fiber optic network across the Pacific

The South American country announced recently that it plans to connect with the rest of the world through a fiber optic network as of August of this year

The Internet connection, as well as the offer of telephony service and the creation of data networks will be optimized from the implementation of the fiber optic network in Bolivia as of August of this year.

According to the manager of the National Telecommunications Company (Entel in Spánish) Mauricio Altovez, the country will cross the Pacific from with its own fiber optic platform by the second semester of the current year.

Altovez said that it is a “transmission technology that is commonly used in data and telecommunications networks, it will be spread over Peruvian territory to connect directly to the global network.”

Bolivia has passed the stage of implementation of the project and plans to complete it by the end of August. This will allow Entel “to reduce Internet costs that are offered in the country, since it will eliminate the contracting of international companies that transfer this technology. nowadays”.

Upon the completion of this project, Bolivia will be able to start providing telephony services in Peru, which would represent the internationalization of the Bolivian state company that began these efforts in 2016 and then in 2017 invested a millionaire amount to enter as a private company to provide services in southern Peru.

Finally, the Ambassador of Bolivia in Peru, Gustavo Rodríguez, said: “I understand that the procedures to light the fiber optics from the port of Lurin (province of Lima) to move the waterway to the port of Ilo are already finished, hence it will be moved by surface land to the Bolivian border and from there it will be introduced to Bolivia.”



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