Boeing and Airbus study new sanitary measures

The aeronautical companies have joined efforts that have led to a drastic reduction in air traffic

The multinationals Boeing and Airbus have studied the possibility of investigating the behavior of the coronavirus inside aircraft, according to The Wall Street Journal. The initiative seeks to minimize the risks of infection during travel.

After the reduction of air traffic, Boeing is developing computerized models that simulate the environment in the cabin and that could be used by airlines, health authorities and regulators to make decisions on how to prevent contagion.  “We are taking steps to better understand any potential risks”, reported the company spokesperson.

Airbus is also exploring other methods like “materials with self-cleaning properties, disinfectants whose effects can last up to 5 days, or appliances in bathrooms that do not require contact.”

For its part, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has maintained contact with both companies together with experts from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to analyze the risks for airplane passengers during transfer.

These efforts by the FAA have continued for many years, one of which is funding research on how to measure and prevent fuel and oil vapor leaks from airplane passenger cabins.


Source: informe21

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