BMW starts production and sales in China again

The German autromotive reopened between 65 and 70% of its dealers, closed so far by the coronavirus epidemic

BMW maintains the objective of increasing sales in China between 5% and 10% this year. According to Nicolas Peter, financial director of the automaker, they have lost a week and a half after the Chinese New Year celebrations at the beginning of the year, but it is still too early to say anything about the impact it will have on the year as a whole.

BMW sales in the Asian country increased in January despite the critic trend. The Chinese New Year celebrations in January affected the market in general, although experts expect significant restrictions in the first months of the year due to the coronavirus.

“We will notice the effect through February,” said Peter. According to the CFO, production chains in China are stable at the moment and there are no signs that the supply of parts from China to other regions has been paralyzed.

Peter commented that precautions have been taken for employees of Chinese factories, including fever measurement three times a day. Globally, BMW increased sales by 2.1% in January, which means about 174,000 cars of the BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce brands.

According to Peter, the company increased sales of the BMW brand by 2.9% over the same period last year, reaching approximately 154,000 cars.

Source: dpa

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