BitMex offers tools to monitor bitcoin and bitcoin cash

The research division of BitMex announced the launch of a network of tools to monitor the two cryptocurrencies

As expressed by BitMex, is a useful resource for monitoring the situation during network updates (softforks or hardforks) as well as something potentially very necessary to help detect bugs. This application is connected to several nodes of the bitcoin and bitcoin cash networks.

The platform, in conjunction with new implementations to the Bitcoin Core client, can serve to assist in the detection of irregularities, such as the consensus bug CVE-2018-17144 that the developers detected and contained in September, according to BitMex.

Likewise, last month, BitMex Research published a report in which it revealed that the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) would have sold the same amount of funds they raised.

BitMex is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world behind Binance, according to information from CoinMarketCap. However, being a derivatives market, its trading information is excluded from Bitcoin’s price and average volume.

The launch BitMex is doing at a precise moment, to coincide with the next hard fork of Bitcoin Cash scheduled for November 15th. However, the company claims that after the hard fork of bitcoin cash is completed, the intention of the website is to focus mainly on bitcoin.


Source:  Coincrispy

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