BitGO opens two new agencies in Switzerland and Germany

The subsidiaries are the result of the growing interest throughout the European continent towards the management of crypto assets

The American company of trust and security of digital assets BitGo, expands its services across the European continent by opening two new custody agencies located in Switzerland and Germany.

The initiative arises as a result of the growing demand originating in Europe and it is presumed to yield positive results to the continent’s economy because both subsidiaries are expected to offer institutional investors financial services of digital assets.

Regarding this, BitGo CEO Mike Belshe pointed out: “We saw a great demand in Europe last year, and it was clear that customers there needed to be able to work with companies based in Europe that were regulated within specific jurisdictions.”

For its part, BitGo has had a good acceptance in the European market, although it was necessary to approve many amendments by companies to fit the regulatory framework.

Currently, Switzerland and Germany are considered important European centers for the management of digital assets, as well as for regulatory frameworks with a futuristic vision. An example of them is evidenced in German banks who seek to incorporate bitcoin storage as a new alternative.


Source: hardwaresfera

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