Bitcoin miners ready to venture into the stock market

Two large Asian manufacturers of computers oriented to mining prepare their leap into stock exchange

Two Chinese manufacturers of computers for Bitcoin mining are preparing to enter the stock market, after making the respective request to the authorities. The first one is Canaan Creative, which has already made a request to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to launch an OPV and the second one is Zhejiang Ebang Communications, which is currently receiving advice on stock market.

Through this negotiation, both companies estimate that they could collect around US $ 1,000 million each  one through transactions in the stock market with global deals in Bitcoin.

Beyond the fluctuation of the price of the cryptocurrency, representatives of both companies foresee an increase in the demand of the mining computers they manufacture. Canaan counts on a plus that is the support from giants such as Credit Suisse, CMB International, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley in its feasible  debut on Stock Exchange.


Source: Iprofessional

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