Bitcoin falls sharply in the cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency, along with others, presented declines in their value, something that is considered a normal behavior within its volatility

On Tuesday, bitcoin cryptocurrency with others awoke much below the value recorded during the day of Monday June 3, 2019.

Earlier this June 4, the digital asset had a cost of $ 7,961 per bitcoin, 6.85% less than the price I kept at the same time the previous day.

It should be noted that his biggest fall was between late afternoon and late evening – now in New York (United States), when in a couple of hours he went from $ 8,590 to 7,950.

Analysts and experts say that this should not generate any alarm within the community of digital assets, given that it is a correction that is part of the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The bitcoin however was not the only currency that fell apart, others accompany it on the downside: ethereum fell 6.62%, xrp 7.48%, bitcoin cash 8.50%, litecoin 7.08%, EOS 9, 76%, stellar 7.31%, tron ​​5.68% and cardan 8.53%.

K. Tovar

Source: Diariobitcoin

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