Bitcoin: among the most searched in Wikipedia

The term related to cryptocurrencies ranked number 9 on the web portal's search list in 2017

The issue of cryptocurrencies captures the attention of many people around the world, who are increasingly interested in learning about the subject, which resulted in the word Bitcoin being the most searched in 2017 on the Wikipedia platform.

The term was ranked among the 50 most searched words, occupying the position number 9. The searches were related to entertainment and politics, according to raw data from the page West.andrew.g.

The word Bitcoin slipped through search records like the deaths of the year, information about Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II, a list of Bollywood films, the production of 13 Reasons Why and articles about the popular tv show Game of Thrones.

The web portal, the most widely used among users who require various information, is available in 288 languages ​​thanks to the fact that more than 46 million people are given the task of writing articles.

A. Rodríguez


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