Binance P2P tests exchange trading in Chile

Until now it is known that the platform is refining details and verifying the proper functioning of the platform

The crypto exchange with the largest user reach and volume in its operations, Binance, continues to work to offer crypto exchange trading in Chile, as reported by Twitter representative of Binance Angeles, G. Martina Morales, for the South American nation.

Despite the fact that the Exchange has not formally communicated this momentum, DiarioBitcoin held a conversation with Morales, who stated that “it is currently being verified if the platform works well and finalizing details.”

Ensuring that for now “only users who have the KYC (Know your customer) active in Chile can buy and sell.” And he added: “I have already put up an ad and I am notifying my community so that more users are encouraged to try it and also join selling, but when we verify that it is working well, that there is no bug in the application, we will be announcing it on the Binance Spanish ad channel.”

Morales also explained that the option in Binance P2P to exchange Chilean pesos (CLP) “was enabled just over three hours ago.” In this sense, the team waits for “new vendors to join and have some operations.” They also want to see “if users are having trouble mounting the ads or buying crypto with CLP.”

The expansion of cryptocurrencies in Latin America in recent years has been more marked. In the case of Binance, introducing its trade in the Chilean economy frames the large-scale plans of the exchange, which offers its services in more than 180 countries. This same expansion through South American countries has also reached Uruguay, where it continues to carry out the same verification tasks on the Binance platform.


Source: Diariobitcoin

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