Binance Card will be launched in Europe

It is expected to be one of the most historical and most relevant moments in the crypto market

Binance hits the cryptocurrency market again through the launch of the Binance Card, a project that plans to generate great advances and new opportunities. If it is successful, will represent one of the most important historical moments for the crypto ecosystem.

Binance’s association with Swipe has caused great fervor in the market, thanks to this initiative, which will be officially launched in countries belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) and will operate as a credit card normal with the difference that it will use cryptocurrencies to carry out the transactions.

Binance Card impacts the market

Despite the significant advances that have emerged in the world of digital currencies for years, no progress compares to this, coupled with all the benefits it brings.

Starting in August, users belonging to the EEA will be able to start applying for their Binance Card and do all the paperwork to obtain the card, as the company reported in a recent report.

Until now, it is not known if the United Kingdom will be able to access this tool, but what is known is that the company is working to raise these advances to all users in the world in the near future.


Source: criptogaceta

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