Big Spanish companies will increase their investment in Latin America

Colombia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic are the countries with the best expectations for Spanish companies

About 65% of large Spanish companies will increase their investment in Latin America during 2020, according to the XIII Report on Spanish Investment in Latin America from IE Business School in collaboration with Llorente, Cuenca and Iberia.

The report that analyzes the opinions of 87 companies, of which 35 are listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, ensures that 74% expect that their turnover in Latin America will continue to increase in the next three years, 2% less than the expectations recorded in the year lastly, as assured by the IE Business School professor and responsible for the report, Juan Carlos Martínez.

The main sectors that concentrate Spanish investment in the region are infrastructure and services: construction and engineering, energy and tourism among large companies; software, technology and startups among medium-sized ones.

According to Martínez, Mexico will once again be the country where more Spanish companies plan to increase their investments during 2020, followed by Colombia, Peru and Brazil. In the rest of the countries, the number of companies that are planning to increase their investments is “only slightly higher than those who believe that this year they will keep their businesses stable.”

The corporate director of Iberia, Juan Cierco, commented: “We have foreseen a moderate global growth, around 2.5% and part of this increase in supply will be destined to Latin America, more specifically to markets such as Puerto Rico or Ecuador.”

Source: dpa

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