Bettergram, the improved version of Telegram for the crypto community

The new application seeks to improve the user experience of the text messaging platform as well as inserting itself into the universe of cryptocurrencies

Telegram, the well-known communication platform via online chat, has just launched the Bettergram application to improve the experience of users around the world and, in addition, to insert itself into the crypto universe.

For this, they have up-to-date information regarding cryptocurrencies and prices, two aspects that are of profound interest to those who seek to buy, sell and make payments on these digital assets.

Bettergram allows to fix a greater number of chats at the convenience of the users. Also, include groups and enjoy an internal app that will allow users to monitor the price of cryptocurrencies.

Until now, the demands of Telegram users regarding digital currencies had not been taken into account. However, Bettergram arrives to satisfy the concerns of those interested in learning about the subject, participate in discussions and make transactions.

The improved version of the desktop application that currently groups more than 200 million users, has had great acceptance. The actions that can be carried out are to disable the notifications, to see the information channel, to add list of favorites, to anchor to the top, among others.


Source: Coincrispy

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