Beijing businesses improved according to surveys

The Bureau of Surveys of the National Bureau of Statistics indicated that 99% of the companies said they will remain in the city

According to the Bureau of Surveys of the National Bureau of Statistics in Beijing, 75.7% of 132 science and technology or culture firms surveyed on the modernization of the administration and the optimization of services said that the business environment has improved because “fewer articles required an administrative review and the review procedure has been simplified”.

The office also reported that 81.5% of those interviewed accessed the rating verification system or other public services through the internet. On the other hand, at least 67.3% agreed that the experiences of their users were good.

The survey also shows that the improved business environment has reinforced confidence. 99% of the companies indicated that they will remain in Beijing for one to three years.

N. Moncada

Source: Xinhua

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