Bank of Chile suffers cyber attack

The authorities activated the security protocols when the attack by an international virus of rapid propagation was known

Bank of Chile was affected by a cyber attack, according to the banking authorities. It was a rapidly spreading virus that triggered alarms and security protocols were applied to protect the integrity of customer data.

Representatives of the sector have indicated that they work in conjunction with government agencies to prevent other banks in the country from being affected by the contingency. Superintendent of Banks, Mario Farren, has indicated that the virus had caused problems in the branch network of Bank of Chile.

The security measures that have been applied seek to safeguard the data of the clients in the bank’s financial portfolio, as well as regarding the transactions and funds.

Spokesmen of the Central Bank of the country indicated that the attack of this virus has not damaged the national financial stability, nor has it damaged the payment systems. This brings tranquility to the clients before this event.

The security protocols will continue as long as the tests are maintained in the banking system, which will stabilize the platforms and prevent any spread of the virus to the rest of the Chilean banking entities.


Source: AEtecno

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