Bank Frick launches bitcoin – ethereum tracker

BThe company developed an active tracker based on bitcoin and ethereum in partnership with digital finance firm Bitcoin Suisse

The financial institution will offer investors and qualified customers access to the BTC-ETH tracker. The certificates will take the form of both a classic value and a token.

The Bank Frick company acts as issuer and is in charge and responsible for granting crypto certificates, exclusively directed to highly qualified investors.

For its part, Bitcoin Suisse behaves as cryptobroker and is responsible for the execution of bitcoin and ethereum transactions through the exchange of global cryptocurrencies.

Edi Wöegerer, the CEO of Bank Frick, confirmed the close relationship between Bank Frick and Bitcoin Suisse, stating that Bitcoin Suisse is an important crypto agent for the bank and also said the company uses the services of Bank Frick.

It is worth noting that both companies share many clients and the financial institution will provide investors with “a fully regulated and secure multi-band access to the digital token asset class”.


Source: The Bitcoin Times

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