Banesco Panama and Scotiabank to adapt payments with Ripple

The objective of the banking institutions is to make available the use of the ripple cryptocurrency, the xrp

The Latin American banks Banesco Panama and Scotiabank Chile are working on concept tests for the adoption of cross-border ripple payments.

The companies intend to move capital and improve the offers of international payments, as reported by the media.

Banesco Panama is now working with regulators to ensure that it meets all of its requirements and is also analyzing the digital asset xrp to move money around the world.

For proofs of concept, Banesco used the xCurrent network for the transfer of funds, taking into account that the ripple cryptocurrency is “one step beyond the comfort zone.”

“The technology provides traceability and goes directly to any part of the world,” said Rodrigo González, executive vice president of innovation and transformation at Banesco Panamá.

K. Tovar

Source: Diariobitcoin

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