Banco de Venezuela launches payment tool PuntoYaBDV

The financial entity launched the new virtual payment mechanism to facilitate buying and selling operations in the country's stores

José Javier Morales, president of Banco de Venezuela, said: “PuntoYaBDV is a virtual point of sale for small and medium-sized merchants to carry out their collection operations quickly and safely to all their customers nationwide.”

The new service is a very useful tool because it does not require debit or credit card or a physical point of sale. You only need a phone or phone of last generation and basic functions of the merchant or consumer; which will serve as a wireless point of sale.

The innovation of the service is that it operates offline; that is, if the person’s device runs out of battery or without signal, the platform will generate a QR code to complete the transaction.

The BDV encourages the creation of new payment methods to reinforce the current mechanisms that have had an important boom in commercial transactions in the country such as Interbank Mobile Payment (P2P) and Person-Commerce Payment (P2C).

After the launch of the new payment instrument, the institution will carry out the diffusion process in the different offices of the bank on the steps to be followed to obtain it.


Source: Correo del Orinoco

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